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Quote:Our study group In Brisbane looked at the 2008 paper Questions 1 - 4 last Tuesday and would appreciate some feedback.

We would also like to ask whether the answer reflects the time available to answer three questions.

Hitesh, Laura & Johnson.

Please see amended attachment.

Basically the first two sections were ok for a Pass, but could have been improved. I have indicated how you could have fine tuned to get them to score higher (part 2 didn't need much doing to it; it was part 1 that I think you'd be dropping marks).

The last part has actually very good for RANGE and if that section had been another 6 marks then it was fine; however it was for 13 so therefore you'd not have rated a pass on that portion. Do look at the mark allocation; my recommendation would be first to encompass as wide a range as possible in your answer and when you find that you have exhausted that, then it is evident that you need to give more in the way of eiher DETAIL/ EXPLANATION / EXAMPLE to give the examiner "their money's worth". Look at the wording of that part of the question again to see if there is any specific hint of in which of those ways to expand, then look at the context of the question as a whole to see if that helps and if you still unclear then play safe and go for a mixture.

13 marks won't be achieved in less than 13 minutes and that should be around a page and a half of pertinent writing- no hesitation, repetition or deviation but quite what you talk about is up to you.
I decided first to increase the number of bullets to 13 and then added detail, and sometimes also examples, to yours to bolster this section. Had I needed more than I'd have given explanation as to WHY each activity is undertaken. Of course in the exam it is not like going back and adding text in a Word document; you must plan how you intend to gain those marks before you start off writing- thats what the 10 minutes reading time is for !

However I think this was overall a good effort, just lacking in detail

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